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Download Your RASI-Chart Here

The RASI Chart for Successful Cooperations

Responsible - Approval - Support - Information

Cooperating with a development and production partner provides many benefits for new entrants.

However, to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership, it is important to determine how responsibilities are allocated. The right work split between the two partners is an important foundation for a successful automotive project.

At Magna, we use the following RASI-Chart to specify the exact tasks and degree of responsibilities between us and a new entrant.

How to use the sheet:
This chart consists of three components:

1. The "Main" sheet, where structure and labels of the charts are explained.
2. The "Master RASI_rough" sheet, in which the top-level project responsibilities are assigned upon first customer contact.
3. The "Master RASI_complete" sheet, in which more specific tasks from the complete project are assigned.

Important notice: This chart is part of our blog article “Automotive Development Process: The Optimal Work Split”. We recommend reading the article before moving on to this sheet in order to get a complete picture.

MockUp Rasi für TYP